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Server [FP] Веселый DE_DUST2_2x2

[FP] Веселый DE_DUST2_2x2

Server name:[FP] Веселый DE_DUST2_2x2
Server address:
Map: de_dust2_2x2
Players: 16/16 (filled 100%)

Server information "Only de_dust2_2x2"

Players:All players Country:Australia Australia
Protocol:47 City:unknown
Ping:39 ms Website:
OS:Linux Owner: spec
Game Type:Dedicated Ranked since:25.09.2019 20:36
Access:open Information updated:17.02.2020 17:26
VAC:secure Last check:17.02.2020 17:26
Build: Uptime:99.83%

Description of the server

Server [FP] Веселый DE_DUST2_2x2 Classic , located in Australia, where during last check played 16 players and 0 bots. The number of slots at this server is 16.

User description is absent. If you are the owner of this server, you can get access to the statistics and description edit. Click "This is my server" link which is shown in the table above. If there is no link it means that you have not registered in our system or forgot to login.

Server statistics
Week | Month | 3 Months | 6 Months | get statistics banner

server IP address, which corresponds to the host name You can find all servers on this IP or find all servers in this IP subnet (i.e. servers hosted by the same provider).

Back | Informer | Abuse

Server rank
Global rank:174 Rank by city:62
Rank by country:22 Votes:0
This server has 0 votes..
To vote for it click

How to connect to [FP] Веселый DE_DUST2_2x2

To connect to the server type on the console (copy-paste)

Frequently played maps "Only de_dust2_2x2"
During last time we have noticed 3 maps.
1de_dust2_2x280.6 %
2$2000$19.19 %
3awp_india0.21 %

Game client security (beta)

Server [FP] Веселый DE_DUST2_2x2 02.02.2020. Server ranked as totally secure.  Comments [FP] Веселый DE_DUST2_2x2
Leave an opinion  Maybe you looked for it:  TOP maps
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de_nuke - now at 59 servers
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de_dust - now at 56 servers
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