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Submit your server - CS-BEST - Counter Strike 1.6 server list, rating and statistics

You can add your cs 1.6 server to our rating. It's necessary to sign up at our portal, login and click add link (only for registered users).

We decided to stop accept anonymous server submit to prevent appearing of fake servers.

It's necessary to provide server type, static IP address and port, server description.

You shouldn't be an owner of the server to be able to add it, but we provide additional functionality for Counter Strike 1.6 server owners. There is only one step to claim your server ownership - you need to change the server name (hostname) temporary. The main criteria is following the rules of our rating.

Earlier servers were added automatically after few checks and since that time were visible. Now we changed our algorithms of server ranking. When you add the server it apears in the Sandbox, where it may be up to few days until successfully passed series of examinations. The aim is to prevent adding fake servers or servers at dynamic IPs. Sometimes we check servers manually. Then good servers will be added to main ranking, bad servers will be deleted. User who added it will receive a mail message. All submitted servers appear in the master server, so players could connect to them using find servers function of their Counter Strike client.

When the server appears in the rating you (server administrator) are able to get informer, statistics banner and userbar at the server page and add it to your server's website, forum, social network group or just to your signature at any forum.

The server rating is calculated using unique dynamic algorithm, which we developed since 2011. Contrary to other ratings, where one or few parameters are takein into account (usually number of players and uptime), we use all available data which can describe server popularity, including results of voting for server, count of views of informers etc.

We reserve the right to ban or delete the server in case it will artifically change one of the factors used for rank calculation. Also we may inform server administrators about change of rules, service news etc.  TOP maps
de_dust2_2x2 - now at 592 servers
592 servers
de_dust2 - now at 507 servers
507 servers
de_inferno - now at 98 servers
98 servers
$2000$ - now at 87 servers
87 servers
de_train - now at 62 servers
62 servers

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   Servers near you
Cs.Realplay.Ro # Hosted by EntrySoft.Ro
Cs.Realplay.Ro # Hosted by EntrySoft.Ro - map fy_snow
4 / 32 fy_snow
Rank: 335

|͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿||FFA|CLASSIC|FREE VIP| - map de_dust2
1 / 21 de_dust2
Rank: 246

|͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿|[COD 200]RESET 10.10[Call of Duty][LEGENDARY]
|͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿|[COD 200]RESET 10.10[Call of Duty][LEGENDARY] - map de_dust2
4 / 24 de_dust2
Rank: 188

REDWHITE.FIREON.RO - map fy_snow
0 / 32 fy_snow
Rank: 227

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