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Counter-Strike 1.6 server promotion - increase your online - CS-BEST - Counter Strike 1.6 server list, rating and statistics

We dont provide dozens of premium offers like boost, vip, top, turbo буст, first place etc. The primary purpose of our project is the game server rating, useful both for players and for server administrators.

You can order VIP status to promote your game server. Your server will be displayed at the first lines in our MasterServer (i.e. in-game server search, Internet / Friends tab), and at our website. Ordering a VIP, you will distinguish it from the crowd so increase visibility and awareness of the server, and thus be able to increase online on the server.

All VIP is provided during selected time. The minimum order is one week, the maximum is unlimited. The display order of servers in masterserver as follows: first positions are taken by all VIP servers sorted by rating, then the rest of the servers, also sorted by rating. Thus, there are only best of the best servers at the fist positions.

VIP status raises your server from its real position (by rating) upwards, above all other non-VIP servers and some VIPs with smaller rating.

We use several MasterServers. Address and the order of the game servers may be slightly different. To check the position of your server, use the address

The rating formula is a commercial secret and based on many factors, one of which is the number of players during the day, so we have a little more perfect rating than GameTracker and other similar projects.

To order VIP status you should sign up / login first. If you have not added your server still - its time to do it now. Only after adding the server to the rating (after passing the sandbox stage) you can order premium services. To do this, go to the "My servers" (link in right column) or click the link on the server description page. Online payment is carried out using technical solutions of our partners. Order processing is automatic. The lack of any payment system available in the list usually means that we are not able to connect this payment system due to technical or legal problems, but it also may mean that we dont know this system. Try to write us.  TOP maps
de_dust2 - now at 580 servers
580 servers
de_dust2_2x2 - now at 566 servers
566 servers
de_inferno - now at 108 servers
108 servers
$2000$ - now at 88 servers
88 servers
de_train - now at 64 servers
64 servers

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► Улётный Паблик 0+ #1
►     Улётный Паблик 0+ #1 - map de_inferno
18 / 30 de_inferno
Rank: 25

GameFunny | Public
GameFunny | Public - map fy_snow
0 / 32 fy_snow
Rank: 282

МЫ ТУТ: - map de_dust2_2x2
0 / 10 de_dust2_2x2
Rank: 398

® Relax public ®
® Relax public ® - map de_nuke
14 / 32 de_nuke
Rank: 426

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